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Thing 22: Reflective Practice on Things 19-21 - Engaged Professional

Time for the final reflection on the last three Things under this heading of Engaged Professional. Thing 19 introduced me to podcasts, learning by listening instead of reading. Many journals and organisations are now offering podcasts to appeal to a different audience or widen their choice of learning opportunities. In medicine, there is the BMJ Talk Medicine series and in our own organisation, we recently launched a series of podcasts, GP Works. I think podcasts are a useful learning tool as an alternative to reading and one I will be looking out for in the future. I will certainly be following and listening out for future Librarians Aloud podcasts.

Thing 20 was all about Advocacy and Engagement. For me, this has always featured throughout my career and as a profession I do feel we are constantly undervalued and the need to consistently prove our worth is of paramount importance. Unfortunately when recession hits libraries are one of the first to be hit as our service is not seen as …

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